EK-XRES 140 DDC - Acetal

Топ с резервуаром для помп DDC.


High-performance aftermarket pump top (volute) for Laing DDC series water pumps with integrated reservoir. This top offer increased hydraulic performance (up to 15%) compared to factory top.

This top features three G1/4 threaded ports of which one is an inlet, one is an outlet and the last can either be an inlet or drain/fill. EK recommends EK-CSQ series compression fittings. Using the enclosed EK-Extender G1/4, installation of virtually any G1/4 thread fitting/barb is possible. EK recommends EK-CSQ series compression fittings/adapters.

EK-XRES DDC series reservoirs come preinstalled with anti-cyclone insert. Additionally, a PU anti-vortex foam is enclosed.

The tube is made of a quality acrylic material, while the volute/reservoir bottom is made of quality POM Acetal material.

This reservoir can be easily upgraded with longer acrylic tubes used by EK-RES X3 series reservoirs.

The top of this combo unit can be used as an inlet by adding the EK-RES X3 - Multiport TOP and an EK-RES X3 - Internal Tube with the corresponding length to your reservoir size. The Internal Tube is important to prevent the splashing sound of the coolant inside the reservoir and to prevent coolant foaming. It is recommended that the end of the internal inlet tube is submerged in coolant.

Technical data:
- Reservoir Diameter 60mm 
- Overall Height: 140mm (161mm incl. pump)

- 1x Extender G1/4
- 2 x G1/4 plugs
- screws
- Allen key
- anti-vortex polyether black foam

Made in Slovenia - EU!

Бренд EKWB
Тип помпы DDC
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